Ad dolorem ips

In the last couple of years, I worked hard to get rid of my chronical burn out. I did this via working on and in my artist practice. I encountered many ups and many downs on the course.
The predicament isn’t over, my knots haven’t quite been solved, but all in all it has changed for the better.
Last Thursday, 15th of June, I had a positive closure at my end of 2nd year assessment at I am celebrating this via an Open Atelier/showcase at @moshpitofcreation. The overall theme of my show is ‘Ad dolorem ipsum (the center will not hold)’

Subthemes are Impermanence/temporality, Incomprehensibility and the seeking of comfort/solace. I see my work as devices for emotional support. I put them in configurations to adress what is relevant in the here and now, as in building a world.

My work is open, in process, in progress, it’s a re:searching and it asks for experiencing. I’m always curious what will happen, I’m curious how we can meet in this world

Please come and visit. We’ll discuss art, life, pain and all what comes to the table.

Every day at 19:30 hrs I’ll be watching a movie about an interesting artist. Please join me if you like. If you decide to come round 18:00, please bring something to eat. Let’s happily potluck, I cater for drinks. Live music on saturday evening. See the poster for details!

Ad dolorem ipsum/ (the center will not hold)

Mon, June 19, 13:00 – 22:00 uur: Bruce Nauman. Come play BRRRISTER!! (My Bruce Nauman Twister game), or join me at 19:30 uur to watch a movie together

Tue, June 20, 18:00 – 22:00 uur: Pippilotti Rist.

Wed, June 21,15:00 – 22:00 uur. Tracey Emin

Fri, June 23, 13:00 – …  Francois Alys, Pina Bausch

Sat, June 24, 13:00 – … Jan Fabre, and I want to rewatch a favorite,  Inland Empire by David Lynch

at 20:00 uur: live music by droom&vreesman!

Sun, June 25, 13:00 – … making potato stamps/thinking about grafic notations for a language that will help us express ourselves ecosystemically viable and I’m going to watch Koyaaniskatsi and Manifesto and let’s do or discuss what else comes at the table if you join me!

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