I wrote a series of six texts out of formal assignments on various artists or art conceptions in vigour in the twentieth century. One is in Dutch, the rest of it in English.

My English is far from perfect. In fact, I heard it can be rather clum(p)sy sometimes. So I call it klompen-Engels and it’s to be improved. Comments and corrections are more then welcome, about form just as well as content. Please mail me: laurens*kijkjezien.nl

As my other non/textual endeavours on this website, all result out of a perspective that takes it that meaningful engagements with art comprise looking, learning, thinking, doing, trying…

1. Recept voor genieën en geweldige kunstwerken?  – Marcel Duchamp

2. What’s on your mind? looking at a painting of Frida Kahlo

3. Picturing – de-picturing: images of Warhol

4. Confining participation. Installation art of Bruce Nauman between 1969 – 1974

5. New views out of performance: Yawning piece and rebirthing in the unknown (2020)

6. Speaking about truth and truthful representation in art, an art educational approach (featuring a work of Edward Weston (1930) – Gerhard Richter (1964) – Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons (1995))

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